Karpov Ballet Academy


The KBA ballet exams are not only a mandatory requirement for students, but also a tradition of ballet training.

Even if ballet or dancing is not considered a professional career, participating in the exam motivates and rewards students of all ages and abilities. The process of preparing for exams opens up opportunities for progress and achievement, increases responsibility and self-discipline.

All candidates who successfully pass the exam or receive an award will receive a certificate of achievement with a breakdown of their results, as well as comments from the examination board.

Character Exam

Ballet Exam

How does it work?

We evaluate students accordingly to their level of training. Following Russian Ballet system we defined four levels:

Advanced and Vocational levels exams lead to recognized achievement at a high level in dance.

A real measure of achievement

These higher levels are accepted as a measure of achievement by the vocational schools attended by most young people aiming to enter the dance profession. They are also highly valued by universities and other institutions offering degree courses and programmes in the performing arts.

Exam process

The exams are held twice a school year, two weeks before school performances in December and June. The style of the concert class and the presence of spectators in the studio gives students the opportunity to demonstrate not only technical progress, but also their artistic abilities. Parents and family members are encouraged to watch. All exams and awards are assessed by three freelance examiners whose professional careers are entirely related to ballet and ballet education, and who are perfectionists in the Vaganova style.


A certificate of completion for a specific ballet level is issued once a year to each candidate who passes the exam. Students can also receive special awards from the examiners.
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